Is movement or posture creating adverse strain or load on your body?

ViMove, developed by dorsaVi, uses wireless sensor technology to accurately and objectively measure movement and muscle activity of the lower back. This effectively removes the guesswork from clinical assessments, and allows health experts to obtain a better understanding of the unique features of your movements and postures that may be contributing to your back pain.

Within-clinic assessment
We use a combination of comprehensive clinical tests enhanced by motion sensor analysis that highlights high-risk and unwanted movement patterns. Known as ViMove, this technology provides our team with visual, objective, easily interpreted data to improve your assessments, choose and manage treatment options designed just for you, and document your therapy progress.

Functional Measurement
We can also test the quantity and types of movement used in normal activity. This analysis can identify movement issues not seen within a clinic environment. When certain types of aberrant movement are identified and linked to increased pain, we use ViMove to modify movement behaviour to reduce strain and pain.

Personalised Reports
At the conclusion of your ViMove session, our team will give you a personalised report detailing your movements during the session.

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