Nordic Poling at Superspine 

Pole walking is great way of restoring function, fitness and strength.

Nordic walking / Pole walking is a ‘ therapeutic walking’ strategy with many benefits over normal walking. Nordic walking is especially useful as a recovery tool for people following hip, knee or spine surgeries .It is a well researched physical activity with over 250 research studies that indicate pole walking is an effective, safe and enjoyable form of exercise. For older adults it is an invigorating, healthy activity that focuses on improved fitness, posture, balance, core strengthening, mobility and flexibility.  


Nordic Pole Walking with Dr Lynn Bardin

Dr Lynn Bardin has trained as an instructor in Nordic Walking. She is herself a keen walker having completed more than 1300 km of walking across Europe (including testing poles on challenging terrains!) . Lynn can guide you through the steps of:

     1. The ‘How and What” of Nordic Walking
     2. Testing if it is likely to help your condition
     3. Work out the the likely gains/benefits for you and design an exercise strategy
     4. How to make an appointment at Superspine for a customised session.
     5. Deciding to purchase poles from Superspine or how to choose poles suited to you