Online Physiotherapy consultations

Superspine now offers ‘telehealth’ (online) consultations. We can still provide expert level diagnosis, exercise prescription, order investigations and refer to other specialists. You don’t have to download special software. All  you need is a phone, a tablet or a computer (with a microphone and camera) and we will organize the rest. 

Treatment options use a specifically designed exercise strategy that will give you video/image based instructions on your phone, and allow us to interact with you, your pain response, how often you do your exercise and track if there are any problems. We use an app that can load onto your phone called Physitrack (at no additional cost) that reminds you how, when and how often to exercise. It also records how you felt when you exercised which then helps us ‘shape’ the exercise strategy to facilitate improvement.

To request an appointment:

Ring/call 9877 7004
We will arrange a time to suit you, then send you a link (something you just click on) via email. All you need is an email address, a phone , a tablet screen or a computer (but the computer needs to have a microphone and camera). 

30 minute review session
If you have already been receiving treatment but wish to transfer to an online setting, you can request a follow-up type session with your usual physiotherapist. A typical follow-up session goes from 20-30 minutes and is likely to include a Physitrack exercise program. This will cost $84. You may be eligible to claim part or all of the cost of treatment via Workcover, TAC, DVA, Medicare or possibly private health insurers. Payment must occur prior to the session.

60 minute New problem (initial) session
 If you have a new problem we can use video to assess and diagnose your problem, and then provide exercise and treatment options. We allow one hour that costs $136.

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