Physio-led exercise classes – individualized recovery strategies

Each person and each recovery plan is different. People have unique combinations of injury-related movement deficits, goals for recovery and preferences as to how they want to exercise. So a ‘one-size-fits-all’ exercise approach is likely to be less effective than an individualized program. But the one thing that is generally true for most of us, regardless of our shape, weight, age or previous experience, is that exercise is needed for good recovery. 

Class timetable

Superspine Forest Hill provides over 30 classes per week. Even when pain is present, exercise is a vital part of the recovery program. Initially, you may start with a few simple exercises to do at home, but this will need to progress to a more strategic program, depending on the severity of the injury and how long you have had your symptoms for. A cost-effective way to exercise, is to use a supervised exercise class as an ‘anchor’ combined with home or self-managed gym/swim/bike or walk programs. The supervising clinician (physiotherapist or exercise physiologist) will know who you are and what your specific needs are. Typically, they will do a single one-on-one session before you start a class so they can navigate through what works best for your injury recovery. Each person is provided with an individualized exercise strategy that matches the particular injury and their key deficits.

Superspine Richmond has an emphasis on DAVID strength training. Classes are in development, but training programs are available.

Frequently asked questions

How many people are in a class?

There is a maximum of 5 participants in a class, spread out over three training areas.

Can I join a class straight away or do I need to see the physio first?

Most people do a single on-on-one session with the clinician who is running their class. This allows the clinician to work out your needs, teach you how to do the exercises and use the equipment. Some people prefer one-on-one training and this can be provided if requested. However, most people feel comfortable to join a class after the initial one-on one session. 

How much do classes cost?   

Classes are booked as a 10 class package with each class costing $42. The total amount of the term (or pro-rata if only part of a term remains) is paid at the start of your program. You can start your classes at any time during the term.

How many classes do I need to do?
We generally advise a 3 month training program. Exercise works best when implemented around three times per week. The most common approach is to do one supervised exercise class per week and two self-managed, unsupervised exercise sessions (at home, in the Superspine gym or at a local gym/pool) per week. Some people choose to do two classes per week.

Can I claim on my health insurance?

Yes you can. Clinicians will measure your progress, monitor change, alter the program and record results for each session, which is consistent with health insurer guidelines on classes.

When do I see changes taking place?

Progress of strength and reduction of symptoms are typically noticeable between the 4th to 8th week of consistent training.

What do I need to wear or bring?
Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a large towel.  All equipment is provided.  Socks should be worn for hygiene reasons on all equipment. 

How do I use the class block?
Generally, classes are taken either once or twice a week.  It is important that you book your class prior to attending.  

Further information and the timetable can be found here…..SuperSpine Exercise class information 2019 190730