The Superspine Gym

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We manage neck pain with short, medium and long term strategies in mind

The first thing we do is aim to reduce pain, using mobility based exercise and manual therapy (“hands-on” type techniques). For some people, this all that is needed. But for recurrent neck pain, medium and longer term strategies that protect your neck using strength and endurance training exercises are often necessary to regain full health and minimize recurrence. It will also be important to identify issues that aggravate your neck.

Recovery phases……..

The first step is pain relief. Our clinicians have mentored training on the most effective manual therapy (‘hands-on’) techniques, such as mobilisation, massage, dry needling and manipulation. These techniques primarily aim to reduce pain and improve movement but are only the first step in developing a recovery strategy.

The second step is exercise-based and is designed around your personal preference. If your injury is short lasting with full recovery you may only need to resume normal activities. If your pain has not fully settled, has become recurrent or persistent, you may require some type of exercise approach.

The third step is building an independent exercise program. This can be done either in the Superspine Gym, at a local gym/pool, in a physio-led exercise class or even at home.

Individualized Exercise strategies

Superspine uses a targeted exercise program to optimize function and prevent recurrence. However this is not a “one size fits all” concept. There are many different types of movement related issues that require different types of exercise. Some people need strengthening, some need relaxation, some people are too stiff, and a few are too mobile. The one thing that is true for most people with recurrent neck pain is that they will benefit from some type of exercise. At Superspine we have a number of exercise strategies that include:

  • Hydrotherapy and swim programs
  • Pilates (reformer, trapeze and mat work)
  • Specific exercise targeting mobility and/or strategic muscle groups, particularly muscles from shoulders to neck
  • DAVID neck strength assessment and training system (see more….)
  • Cardio exercise