SpineCare 2022

A professional development course for clinicians who:

  • Want to improve their knowledge and skill in managing back and neck pain
  • Would like to learn from neurosurgical and orthopaedic spinal surgeons, rheumatologists, pain physicians, and psychologists, about their perspectives in managing spinal pain
  • Would value pragmatic clinical training with specialist and senior musculoskeletal physiotherapists

Program details:

A 30-hour training program, spread over 12 weeks with:

10 weekly webinar and integrated quiz sessions with presenters from:

Neurosurgery, Rheumatology, Orthopaedics, Pain management and Specialist Physiotherapy, presenting on biological and psychosocial aspects of lumbar and cervical disorders, including surgical and conservative management options.


2. 20 hours of virtual and face-to-face training on clinical assessment and treatment including exercise prescription and manual therapy skills, interactive case studies and small group sessions with a one to eight ratio, led by specialist and senior musculoskeletal physiotherapists.


Topics covered include:

    • Learning to visually read, understand, explain and use MRI images wisely
    • Diagnosing and discerning between patho-anatomic, movement and psycho-social drivers of pain
    • Re-framing current views on motor control/movement into new perspectives. Identify strength, fitness, and motor control/movement deficits that contribute to ongoing pain.
    • Explore the strengths/limits of a manual therapy approach and how manual therapy leads to specific exercise. Build an exercise program that improves fitness, strength and mobility based on individual needs
    • Use case studies to enhance integration of knowledge into clinical practice
    • Learn to identify and then engage with cognitive and emotional barriers, to reduce fear and increase engagement and active cooperation with your patients.

Dates and details


Webinar topic

Webinar date

Virtual training

F2F Manual therapy

(optional sessions)

Week 1

Dr Rob Laird

Specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist

Intro to LBP, Anatomy and pathoanatomy

Mon 9/5/22 6-8pm**   **(2 hour session)



Week 2

Ms Caitlin Farmer

Musculoskeletal physiotherapist

Masquaraders and red flags

Mon 16/5/22 6.45-8pm

Session 1 Thursday 19/5/22 3-6pm

 to be confirmed

Week 3

Mr Bhadu Kavar


Neurosurgery for Physiotherapists – the lumbar spine

Mon 23/5/22 6.45-8pm



Week 4

Dr John Moi


A rheumatologists view on managing spinal pain

Mon 30/5/22 6.45-8pm

Session 2 Thursday 2/6/22   3-6pm

 to be confirmed

Week 5

Ken Niere

Specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist

Cervico-thoracic pathoanatomy

Mon 6/6/21 6.45-8pm



Week 6 * QB Hol

Ken Niere

Specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist

Cervico-thoracic motor control

Mon 13 or Tues 14/6/22 6.45-8pm

Session 3 Thursday 16/6/22 3-6pm

 to be confirmed

Week 7

Ms Tanya Yuen


Neurosurgery for physiotherapists – the cervical spine

Mon 20/6/20 6.45-8pm



School Holidays





School Holidays





Week 8

Mr Yi Yang

Orthopaeodic Surgeon

An orthopedic view on managing spinal fractures and scoliosis

Mon 11/7/22 6.45-8pm

Session 4 Thursday 14/7/22 3-6pm

 to be confirmed

Week 9

Dr Malcolm Hogg

Pain Physcian

A Pain physicians view of managing persistent spinal pain

Mon 18/7/22 6.45-8pm



Week 10

Dr Anne Daly

Specialist pain physiotherapist

A Pain Physiotherapists view of managing persistent spinal pain

Mon 25/7/22 6.45-8pm

Session 5 Thursday 28/7/22 3-6pm



The course will cost $1400 with all payments to Royal Melbourne Hospital. An early-bird course fee of $1150 is available until April 14th 5pm. Course numbers are capped, so please apply early to avoid disappointment.

Booking and Payment
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Contact for enquiries

For further enquiries please contact Yash Rathi at yashwant.rathi@mh.org.au