Strength assessment for back and neck injuries

Although a lot of people wonder if their pain arises as a result of poor “core strength”, not everyone is weak. Back and neck pain arise from many causes, not just muscular weakness. However if your muscles are weak, then it is easier to overload joints with simple activities of daily living. For people with persistent pain, ‘protective’ patterns of movements often leads to avoidance behaviours that prevent full recovery from occurring.

Superspine uses advanced  DAVID technology to test strength of back, trunk and leg muscles. We can compare your strength to a typical, expected strength, matched by gender and body weight  (using a normative database). A report is generated with detailed information. If significant weakness is present, we can devise a strength training program that will suit you. We can also retest and compare how you have progressed with training.

This sample report below provides graphical and numerical data that measures your strength in ‘newton metres’ (Nm) which can also be converted into kilograms.  Each direction of movement and their associated muscles can be measured. A retest can then show how much improvement has taken place. If your strength score is more then 20-30% below the expected level, then regaining strength is important. Superspine has a range of exercise options and classes that can help you regain strength following injury or surgery.