Dr Lynn Bardin

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Dr Lynn Bardin is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist (Doctor of Clinical Physiotherapy degree, Melbourne University 2011). Exercise prescription for back pain was the research theme of her Master’s degree and is an ongoing major clinical focus. She has actively pursued research, academic teaching and clinical work in this field.  Lynn lectures and tutors Anatomy at Melbourne University, is a freelance Clinical Educator and teaches Australian Physiotherapy Association accredited courses throughout Australia. Her commitment to academic physiotherapy is reflected in many conference presentations and peer-reviewed publications and in a passion to link research evidence, diagnostic accuracy and anatomy science to clinical practice.

Understanding pathology, neurology and pain science within the context of clinical assessment is integral to Lynn’s treatment approach. She utilises a variety of joint and soft tissue techniques, ergonomic education and dry needling (Western medicine acupuncture), however is singularly committed to the importance of exercise prescription specific to the patient’s problem.