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Motion Sensor Assessment

We use ViMove motion sensor technology to assess if there are faulty movement patterns that contribute to pain. It doesn’t matter how good your treatment program is if we fail to correctly identify why the problem occurred in the first place. Simple things like sitting, standing and even sleeping positions strongly affect back and neck pain.  We measure movement and posture within the clinic AND at work, home and sport.

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Spinal Strength Assessment

We assess strength of your back and trunk using revolutionary technology developed by David Health Solutions. We can compare your strength to a "normal" range so we can decide if strength training is relevant.  If weakness is contributing to chronic back pain we use this technology to assist training and strengthen muscles that protect painful spinal joints, reduce strain, and improve movement quality.

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IsoTrack Pro

JTech Medical

IsoTrack Pro is a multidimensional strength assessment system that allows you to evaluate strength from isolated muscles and gross muscle strength associated with lifting, pushing and pulling.

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BodyBalance Pilates equipment

Superspine uses a combination of pilates and strength training to improve function and reduce pain for people with back, neck and lower limb injuries. Our classes take the best of classical Pilates exercises and combine these with modern strength and flexibility programs for individualized rehabilitation.

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Exercise Physiology

An accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) is a University qualified allied health professional who specialises in the clinical prescription of exercises in people at high risk or with existing chronic or complex medical conditions and injuries. The interventions provided by Exercise Physiologists include exercise prescription, delivery of physical activity education as well as advice and support for lifestyle modification and behaviour change. AEP’s are the most qualified health professional to prescribe exercise for chronic diseases.


Walk and Running Assessment

Video Analysis

Simple slow motion capture of walking and running can often provide information about the relationship of pain to movement.

Acceleration & Ground Reaction Force Testing

We are currently developing strategies that use ViMove accelerometers to measure ground reaction forces.  We use ground reaction forces to look for asymmetries, and information about how the lower limb absorbs force during weightbearing activities such as walking, jogging and running.


Through the use of advanced technology we are able to measure the degree of external force produced by clients in specific exercises, such as knee extensions or hand grip.

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