Meet the Team

Rob Laird

Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Rob Laird is a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist, FACP, PhD candidate (Monash University) and clinician at Superspine and the Austin Hospital, Melbourne. He has post graduate qualifications in both musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy (1986, 1997). Rob specializes in the management of lumbo-pelvic pain. He also works as a consultant specialist physiotherapist in private practice, and in an advanced practitioner role at the Austin Hospital, Melbourne,(neurosurgery and physiotherapy outpatient clinics).

Rob is completing research as a PhD candidate (Monash University), developing assessment, diagnostic and treatment methods using new technology to measure, monitor and modify movement patterns that are associated with low back pain. He also lectures on lumbar spine management, motor control and spinal imaging to Master degree physiotherapy students at LaTrobe University, and on Australian Physiotherapy Association post graduate spinal courses in Victoria.

Paoline Li

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Paoline is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, gaining a Masters of musculoskeletal phsysiotherapy qualification from La Trobe University in 2012. She is originally from Mauritius where she was owned her own practice for 7 years. Paoline was the Mauritius national track and field physiotherapist for 3 consecutive years. She was also involved in the national judo team for 1 year. Paoline was one of the senior physiotherapists at the African games hosted in Mauritius in 2006.

In Melbourne, Paoline’s interest has grown in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and more specifically pain originating from the spine. She works in private practice at Superspine with particular interest in spine and lower limb injuries, runs pilates classes and is assisting with Monash University research work.


Dr Lynn Bardin

Consultant Spine Physiotherapist

Dr Lynn Bardin is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist (Doctor of Clinical Physiotherapy degree, Melbourne University, 2011). Exercise prescription for back pain was the research focus of her Master’s degree (1998). She has actively pursued research, academic teaching and clinical work in this field, and continues to lecture and tutor in Clinical Anatomy at the University of Melbourne (2004 to date). Lynn also consults at Austin Hospital Physiotherapy where she has developed and researched the ‘Better Backs @ Austin’ programme, incorporating SPINE Pilates® exercises underpinned by her Master’s and Doctoral research.

Understanding pathology and neurology within the context of clinical assessment is integral to Lynn’s treatment approach. She utilises a variety of joint and soft tissue techniques, ergonomic education and dry needling, however is singularly committed to the importance of exercise prescription specific to the patient’s problem.


Jessica Moyle


Jessica completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2007 at La Trobe University. She has had extensive clinical experience in Private Practice, Elite Junior and sub-elite senior sport and Hospital (Public and Private). She has a special interest in musculoskeletal injuries, Pilates and Women’s Health. On the weekends she consults on a Maternity Ward and runs sessions for couples who are expecting.

Jessica is passionate about working with people and treating them with care and respect as they navigate their way through their rehabilitation.

Gaya Mahanama


Gaya completed her Bachelors degree (Physiotherapy) at the University of Melbourne and is currently completing a Masters of musculoskeletal physiotherapy at Latrobe University.

Gaya has a specific interest in spinal, lower limb and tendon pathologies. She continues to develop her skills in these areas, liaising closely with specialist physiotherapists at Superspine and with Melbourne-based orthopaedic and neuro surgeons. She also sees patients under TAC and Workcover claims. Gaya has been trained in the use of the advanced technology used for diagnostic and rehabilitation purposes including DAVID and JTECH Isotrak Pro strength assessment, and ViMove motion assessments.

As a part of the Superspine team, Gaya is motivated in achieving the best possible care with meaningful results for her patients, using exercise and manual therapy strategies matched to individualised problems. She also teaches Pilates classes in the SuperSpine gym. In her spare time she is often found travelling and hiking.

Sid Cubasch

Exercise Physiologist

Sid’s passion for the health and fitness industry stems from an elite junior career in tennis. She has always had an interest in exercise rehabilitation, which lead her to want to complete her Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology at Deakin University.

Throughout her career, Sid has worked in private practice, in research academia and personal training businesses. She has gained invaluable experience working in multi-disciplinary settings, prescribing exercise programs and promoting positive lifestyle changes for myriad of different client types. These include private rehabilitation clients, TAC, Worksafe, DVA and Medicare Chronic Disease Management patients.

Sid prides herself on attention to detail and empowering individuals who present with various injuries and illnesses to reach their full potential.

Steve Sandford

Remedial Massage Therapist

Steve is a remedial masseur registered with the Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT). He studied at the Melbourne School of Tactile Therapies (MSTT) for his Certificate in Massage Therapy – Relaxation (1995) and then Sports (1996). In 2003 he studied at the Melbourne Institute Massage Therapy (MIMT) for his Diploma of Remedial Massage.

Steve has a strong commitment to further education with a keen interest in human anatomy and physiology. He is often seen at professional development courses to satisfy his own desire to expand his knowledge base as well as meeting the ongoing continuing education requirements of the AAMT.

Since 1996 he has operated his own practice and also worked at several multi-disciplinary clinics and a variety of other locations including the Victorian Weight Lifting Association in Hawthorn.

From 2005 Steve has specialized in Remedial Massage which is the area he particularly enjoys, being able to assist patients with resolving their issues. As part of the Superspine team he works with other members of Superspine to collaboratively secure the best possible results for each individual patient.

In his spare time he is often found enjoying his large family whilst also having a passion for gardening, fishing and cars.